I Got Rhythm

October 14, 1930 Ethel Merman becomes a star overnight with her rendition of I Got Rhythm featured in the new Broadway hit Girl Crazy. (via about.com)

day 191

The chords to I Got Rhythm are known as rhythm changes and many a jazz song is fashioned after them! And speaking of Gershwin, who wrote this song, Claudia and I went to Feinstein’s (the nightclub) to see Bette Sussman and Elaine Caswell do their show!  They sounded great and in the audience was Michael Feinstein (who was Gershwin’s rehearsal pianist) and Liza Minelli. Valerie Simpson was there and Ronnie Spector sat in. Bette and Elaine have played and sang for so many acts they finally decided to do their own thing, and they should — so freaking talented both of them!  

Well, the Yankees lost 2 playoff games in a row so I’m a little sad but life will go on and after Baseball, it’s football season!

Tomorrow I have to finish arrangements for the big MMRF gala so  we can go away to the Poconos for a few days!

Here ya go for today in music.  I Got Rhythm!

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