I Can See Clearly Now

August 19, 1940 Happy Birthday Johnny Nash!

day 135

I can’t see nuttin’! 🙂

My eyesight is really going south.  I should get prescription glasses but the drugstore ones are working for me. I just keep upping the number. I have 2.0 and I’m heading to 2.5.  Last time I had prescription glasses they were progressive with 3 different places to look.  I just got confused.

Last night I drove home late on the Taconic Parkway. For those who don’t know the Taconic, it’s 2 skinny lanes on a curvy dark road. No one in the car wanted me to take that road home. Lots of deer peeking out and no rest stops unless you get off and look around. It seems my band the Stingers always have to pee and nobody has to pee at the same time.

Well I have been driving this road forever and I like it. Late at night no one is on the Taconic — everyone prefers the Thruway. What I do  is use the line in the middle of the road as my center and I take up both lanes right down the middle.

Yes, I’m that guy who won’t pick a lane.

There used to be a cartoon when I was growing up called Speed Racer and he always drove right down the middle.  He was my idol!

I like this song, I Can See Clearly Now. So, happy birthday Johnny Nash! I love the reggae beat and I dig Bob Marley doing it too.

But I still don’t see too clearly.

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