I Can Hear You (original)

home sweet home

I Can Hear You (lyrics by Claudia Brevis, music by Skip Brevis & Claudia Brevis, 2008)

I Can Hear You started off as another song and of course as I always do, I rushed out and had it produced and brought in a young 22 year old angsty singer to sing it.  What I had written was a cheesy, corny love song!  I can’t even remember the name of it but when it was all finished the song sucked but the track was amazing! So I asked Claudia to just rewrite the whole damn thing to this great track I had.  She came up with this brilliant song over my track and now as it turns out it needs a whole new track because its a whole other vibe.

I’m still trying to figure out how to produce this song but it’s kinda nice just playing guitar and singing it.  I’m really liking trying all these songs on guitar.

Well, just to keep you up to date, Casey is back from China!

I’m teaching a piano clinic Monday 5/20.

We are mixing the Willie & the Swagga record!

Claudia is getting real close to finishing her novel!

And Dylan working his butt off and is bummed he didn’t win the powerball!

I’ll be at the Red Lion with the Skip Brevis Band on Wednesday (5/22 7pm) and with the Stingers at Saxon Woods Grill on Thursday night (5/23).  Come on out if you can.

more next week!  I’m working on a couple of new tunes and hope to have one ready. 🙂

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