House of the Rising Sun

April 19, 1942  Happy Birthday Alan Price of the Animals!

I was reminded by an old buddy, Timmy Gallagher, of our high school dances — major events in our lives.

I was in a band called TIGHT in high school in Brooklyn.  There were great musicians in this band.  Kenny Kirkland, Sting’s genius pianist, was one, although he played sax in Tight.  He taught us all how to play our parts.  Kenny was an unbelievable influence on me musically.

Also in the band, Angel Fernandez, the brilliant musician and musical director for Marc Anthony – he played trumpet in the band.

We were on fire.  Two of my big numbers that I sang were Southern Man by Neil Young and House of the Rising Sun by the Animals,  so I loved singing this today for both TIGHT and Alan Price!


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