Hooked On A Feeling

November 16, 1968 B.J. Thomas’ Hooked On A Feeling is released!

day 223

I remember singing Hooked on a Feeling in the car when I was a young teen.  I had amazing valet service when I was a kid.  My uncle Bill, who lived with us, drove me and my friends anywhere we wanted to go and he would always have candy in the car and we would go to Coney Island and he would give all of us money and then drive each friend home to their door. He was the man!

Well, I had Elle Winter over today.  We worked on a Christmas song for a parade she’s appearing in on Sunday. Tonight the results of last week’s voting came out so before she left I gave her the talk — it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, you are so talented and we will go to the next project, don’t worry, I believe in you —  and I meant it all, but SHE GOT INTO THE FINALS!! Yeah! I’m really glad and really excited!

So, thank you all my friends who voted for her. The big final round of voting is in 2 weeks and I will keep you posted!

here ya go.  Today in Music.  Hooked on a Feeling!  If you have a minute, go find the original and listen to it again.  Great voice on B.J. Thomas!


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