Honky Tonk Woman

July 23, 1969 the Rolling Stones were at #1 in the UK with Honky Tonk Woman!

day 108

One of my favorite piano players is Professor Longhair! If you listen to Dr. John play piano you’ll hear the same style.  It comes from New Orleans.

It’s funny I’ve been everywhere but have never made it down there. Claudia went during college. Everyone I know says I should go down and play. Some day…

It’s really hot in the Big Apple today. Just staying in the air conditioning tonight. Claudia and I are gonna catch up on some TV and eat some popcorn. I need to catch up on TRUE BLOOD.  Love it!

And I love the opening song for TRUE BLOOD! It’s a good swamp song. Claudia and I have a couple of those swampy, blues original songs on the record we are working on.  If you’ve been to a Skip Brevis Band show and have heard Sin Sin, you know what I’m talking about.

So, in honor of this hot swampy weather today I’m playing Honky Tonk woman in a good old New Orleans piano style.

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