Hit the Road Jack

October 5, 1961 – #1 Chart Toppers Pop Hit; Ray Charles’ Hit the Road Jack!

day 182

I’m sitting on a bench at Yonkers Raceway watching the trotters. The jockeys look like they are laying back in a recliner just whipping the hell out the horses.  My gig doesn’t start until 10 so I’m just gonna sit and watch a few races.

The guy next to me is smoking a short fat smelly cigar. It looks like it’s been in his mouth for a week.

I think I tried a cigar once and inhaled and choked for an hour.  Never again.

Had a great music day with Glenn Schloss and Erik Blicker recording military chants. Lots of fun with some talented guys!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the song of the day!  Hit the Road Jack by one of my all time favs Ray Charles!

Love this song.  We use it in our R&B American Idol spoof Showdown which has been running for over four years now, sailing the seas on the Norwegian Jade.  Whenever one of the scripted characters gets voted off, the rest of the cast sings “Hit the Road, Jack…”  My wife is a funny girl to think that stuff up!  If you’re ever on that ship, check out the hilarity that Claudia, John Carrafa and I put together in Showdown!

Great song and I’m singing it here for you.  But don’t go anywhere.  There’ll be more tomorrow!


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