Hey Justine (original)

Hey Justine (Skip Brevis, 2005)

monday night

Happy Fathers Day to me and all my fellow dads!

A bunch of years ago I was in line with Claudia at the supermarket reading all the crappy magazines at the counter (it’s the only time i read them, i swear) — reading about all the celebrities and their bullshit and who’s doing who and who wore what and who’s fat and who’s skinny and who gives a shit, and then that night we went to my son’s friend’s house for a dinner party with parents from his school.  His friend’s mom was named Justine and I had a conversation with her husband and he told me stories of following the Grateful Dead around in his younger days ( I was never a deadhead but did like them and had lots of friends who were devout deadheads) so when I went home I listened to a lot of Grateful Dead which reminded me of the other groups i listened to in my youth and I went thru Hot Tuna, Jefferson Airplane and Little Feet and then i went to bed!

The next morning i got up and wrote Hey Justine using these elements:

1. Celebrity magazine

2. Justine

3. Grateful dead groove and style

Justine is a cool name!

Hey, if you’re around Monday night – 6/17 — tomorrow night, i’m running another Piano Clinic at Ripley Grier.  7pm so come on down for tips and tricks of the trade.

ps Let me know if you like this new angle for my video.  Featuring the big left hand.  🙂

more next week.

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