Hey Jude

June 18, 1942 Happy Birthday Paul McCartney!

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Hey Jude is one of my top 5 Beatle songs – credited to Lennon-McCartney, written by Paul.  Perfect song to wish Sir Paul a happy 70th!

When I was growing up we listened to albums –vinyl — (it’s making a comeback so you young’uns may be familiar with the format!) I had the Beatle albums. Larry Rovetto had the Pink Floyd albums.  Tommy Ryder had the CSNY.  And we only knew one version of any song.

Now, with that crazy internet, we can access a hundred versions of a song.  I can hear Horowitz or Rubenstein or some little girl in Pakistan or a trio of dogs playing Chopin.  In the old days I only knew what I knew.  Now each day I’m on a musical adventure listening to famous and not so famous musicians all over the world.

Do you think that kids are practicing more now that all this information is available?  Or are they addicted to the surfing and forgetting what they were looking for in the first place and getting to the end of the day without practicing a thing? (Hello! That’s been my day today.)

We still have all our old albums and Claudia’s good friend Mandy asked us to store her albums, so if you’re near our Poconos house, come on over and we’ll play some records.  I’ve got lots of Beatles.


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  1. Great as always Skip. I always forget to come back here unless prompted by a FB group. I see the email option, do you have an RSS feed (that’s my favorite way to follow blogs, through google reader), or am I missing it?

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