Hey Good Lookin’

September 17, 1923 Happy Birthday Hank Williams!

the gang's all here

Today is also my good buddy John Malino‘s birthday, so we had a lovely brunch at  Alain’s French Bistro in Nyack, then went back to John & Robin’s house for some German chocolate cake and some jamming.

It was us old guys sitting around playing and singing. Erik Blicker on guitar, Charlie Caldarola on drums (he baked the cake), myself on John’s beautiful piano, and John singing and playing guitar.  It seems like yesterday, but the 4 of us were doing this 30 years ago. Now we sit around and talk about our kids and THEIR musical abilities which are pretty impressive all around. And who better to sing Hey Good Lookin‘ or any Hank Williams tune than John Malino!

Back in the city now!

The main difference between living in the city or the country is the house has a driveway. I pull up to the house and I’m in the same spot every day.

I hate parking in the city although I’m very good at it. I can always find a spot. So when you come visit me in the city, just ring my bell and I’ll park your car for you!

Here’s Hey Good Lookin’ in honor of Hank Williams’ birthday!



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