Here You Come Again

December 27, 1977 Dolly Parton earns her first gold album with Here You Come Again!

day 264

I’ve always liked Here You Come Again but never learned it, so today i learned it and I love it.

Dolly Parton not only is a great singer but a great songwriter.  Although she actually didn’t write this song, she wrote plenty others including the mega-hit that she recorded and Whitney recorded,  I Will Always Love You. 

It’s funny how these country singers are also gospel singers so in their phrasing they have these little gospel riffs. If you listen to Dolly she has all these unique little turns and riffs in her singing.  I love it!

Today we took off to the country.  All was going well as we drove up.  We stopped at the supermarket, bought a bunch of stuff, came outside and the temperature had dropped like 15 degrees in the half hour we were in the store. I went to open my automatic door in the side of my van and a cable popped and now my door is a little ajar and won’t close all the way. So we had to drive to the house with this freakin beeping going off every second for 10 miles.  Claudia sang christmas songs to the beeping. I think that beeping is still going in my brain!

Tomorrow when the sun is out I’ll either try to fix the door or find the fuse to shut off that beeping. Other than that we are tucked in the Poconos house with the fireplace on. It’s been 4 hours and the house is still cold. 2 pairs of socks, a hoodie, a jacket. We will sleep fully dressed tonight  and hope the house is toasty for the morning!


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