November 2, 1961 Happy Birthday k.d. lang!

day 209

k.d. lang is  another great voice and I can listen to anything she sings.  

I love her duet album with Tony Bennet and I love her album Hymns of the 49th Parallel which is her covers of songs of Canadian songwriters.  One of the artists she covered in that album was Neil Young and when I heard her sing HELPLESS I said Damn! So as usual I listened to it for 3 days nonstop like I do with every song I love.

Okay – GOOD news is that my artist Elle Winter is moving on to the next round in Disney’s NEXT BIG THING contest! Please vote for her – here is some info on how to do it!

BAD news – My mom just got operated on. She broke her hip in 3 places and got a rod put in and it will be a 4-6 week recovery period.

GOOD news –  My mom is a tough old broad who will be up and gambling as soon as she she’s able and will be enjoying a gin and tonic very soon!

GOOD news – Power is coming back on downtown. My in-laws are back up and running@

BAD news – my gig tomorrow got cancelled!

GOOD news – I got another gig for tomorrow playing blues at Terra Blues with Michael Powers – a great blues guitar man!

BAD news -there’s nothing good on t.v. tonight!

GOOD news – Pinkberry is back open – so gotta go!

Here’s Helpless and see ya’s tomorrow.

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