May 12, 1984 – Lionel Richie hit the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart with his smash hit single “Hello (via khits 104.3)


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In the 80’s, as I’ve mentioned before, I was the house bandleader at Sweetwaters on 68th and Amsterdam in NYC.  We had a different headliner every week for ten years. Larry Gallagher booked the acts, and later on, he, Claudia and I created Beehive, which started at the club then moved to the Village Gate.

In ’84 Claudia and I got married and we had Def Jam recording artist and good friend Alyson Williams sing at our wedding.

Even before Beehive, we had a Motown show called “Aint no Mountain High Enough”, that got sued by Motown because it was so freakin fierce with the fiercest cast in the universe –  Alyson Williams, Branice Mckenzie, Nora Cole, George Morton (the funniest dude in the world RIP), Herb Rawlings (a dead ringer for James Brown) and Ty Stephens (one of the smoothest singers I’ve ever known). Ty and Georgie were amazing together – they had a chemistry vocally and choreographically & spiritually that was over the top.  Alyson had her own act at Sweetwaters with me as did Ty.

Whenever I hear the Lionel Ritchie song Hello I think of Ty singing the hell out of it. It was his big 11th hour knock-out number.  It just so happens that Ty is back in town after touring Japan and we are working together tonight with the Stingers. Can’t wait to see and hear him.

Here’s my daily video –  Hello.

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