Hello Dolly

March 29, 1918 Happy Birthday Pearl Bailey!

day 356

Pearl Bailey was a Broadway Dolly, in fact she won a TONY for the production in 1968,  and I’m studying the show cause I’m working on a production with the fabulous Jeff Moss that will be going out on the road this fall.  I’ll let you know more about it as we get closer, but i thought it was pretty cool to be able to say Happy Birthday Pearl Bailey and sing Hello Dolly in her honor!

Been recording all week and working on some projects near and dear to my heart and with some interesting and very talented people.   Today was another full day of singing and recording and I’ve just come up for air to post today’s blog!

more tomorrow.  I’m in the home stretch here.  My blog ends very soon.  I think I have 9 or 10 days left.  Will have to do a special wrap-up edition!  It’s been a fun year.

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