Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

April 25, 1945 – Happy Birthday Stu Cook, rock bassist Creedence Clearwater Revival

Our family has the most beautiful vacation house in the Pocono Mountains! My grand piano overlooks the lake and every time Claudia and I are here, all we say is, “Why don’t we get here more often?”

It seems in the last year we have only been here three or four times and each time, when we arrive, it starts raining.  Not raining when we leave the city.  Raining when we get to Pennsylvania.  But no matter, whether rain or shine being here reminds me of family. Relaxing. Breathing fresh air.  Not having to look for a parking spot. Hammock time. Barbeque. Fire pit, kayaking, swimming, shooting hoops in my driveway. Feeding deer, practicing classical music with no outside street sounds, walks around the lake.

Damn, I sound old and corny but hey this place is my sunny day.

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