Happy Together

May 4th 1967, The Turtles’ song Happy Together is certified GOLD!

I looked up The Turtles quick (wikipedia style) because although I love the song Happy Together I really didn’t know much about the band itself.  If you’re interested, here’s that link.

So, yeah I might not know much about the band, but I do love turtles.

Here’s my turtle love-list.

1. The Turtle Pond in Central Park

2. Turtle Island on Sunrise Lake in the Poconos.  (my kids named it)

3. Yertle the Turtle (one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books, musta read it to the boys a thousand times)

4.  Our box turtles, Henry, Jesse & Benny.  (named after the Box Car Children)  Violet died.  We have to keep Jesse away from Benny (a female) or he bites her neck.  Yeah, my boys have moved on but we are keepers of the turtles.  They’re over 20 years old.

5.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (I think Dylan was a mutant turtle for Halloween one year)

6.  What’s-his-name Crush, the hippie sea turtle in Finding Nemo.

7.  Turtles the candy.

Oh, yeah back to Happy Together  – I love the accompaniment of this tune.  It shows the power of the quarter-note comping.

I can’t see me loving nobody but you…

2 thoughts on “Happy Together

  1. But the Turtles hit “Eleanore” is a rarity among pop love songs for its use of the Latin phrase “et cetera” in the lyric. I can even forgive rhyming “et cetera” with “betta”.

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