Calvary / Wade in the Water

I had plans to go to church today and ended up sleeping late instead.  But I was taught in grade school that “singing is praying twice” so I sat at the piano to do just that.

I’ve always been blown away by Richard’s Smallwood’s “Calvary” and the three women who tear it up –  Maurette Brown Clark, Darlene Simmons & Carolene Hatchett.

I sang a bit of Calvary and segued into another of my favorites, the old spiritual “Wade in the Water.”

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter.  Amen.

9 thoughts on “Calvary / Wade in the Water

  1. WOW! you have a great voice, it was such a nice break in my somewhat “stressful” day to take a break and listen to you sing and play, there is nothing as “cool” as a man who can sing and play the piano in my eyes!!! 😉

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