Stray Cat Strut

I’ve always liked the Stray Cats.  I think the rockabilly movement needs to resurge itself.

Speaking of cats.

The other night I was sitting at the bar in the Red Lion (where I play weekly) when some dude squeezed in and ordered a PBR and a shot of Jack.  He was loud and full of himself.  He paid for his drinks and threw a five dollar bill down as tip, so I thought o.k. maybe he’s not an asshole.  At least he’s tipping.  You wouldn’t believe the amount of people coming through who don’t know how to tip.

The bartender saw the tip but was busy with other people, and wouldn’t you know it, when he turned away, this loud, full of himself dude puts the tip back into his pocket and splits.

He was a freaking TOP CAT TIPPER!  Remember Top Cat?  He had his coin on a string?

Top Cat was an important part of my childhood.

Well, it’s April 10th.  Happy Birthday Brian Setzer!  Here’s Stray Cat Strut for you!

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