Hang on Sloopy

August 14 1965: The McCoys release Hang On Sloopy!

super hero

This is one of those songs that sounds like 10 other songs but I always loved this chorus.  I’m gonna sing this tonight. I’m at the Red Lion 10-1 tonight with my own band.

I can’t believe this summer is almost over. What happened? Claudia and I swore we were going to go to the Pocono house every week. Nope. I was gonna clean my work area and throw out my desk. Nope. I was gonna have our album finished. Nope. I was gonna hit the lottery. Nope. I was gonna clean my car. Nope.

Well, I am doing this blog every day. Yes. Claudia and I are drinking green smoothies every day. Yes.

We are having fun every day. Yes. The kids are healthy and happy!

O.K it was a good summer. But still too short.

Good song for a hot summer day!

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