Hammer of Love (original)

Hammer of Love (words & music Skip Brevis, 1990) is an original I wrote way back in the day when the Stingers had a recording contract — album fell apart, long story — but since then I’ve always done it in my Skip Brevis Band set and I have a great track on it though I’ve never recorded the vocals.

Some day I’ll get it recorded fully.

I’m a little late getting this week #4 video up tonight cause i was recording my final vocal on another song so we can start to mix this Willie & the Swagga album.   And earlier, the wife and I and the inlaws were out and about going to a barn dance (yes I said barn dance) and then dinner, and of course there was the obligatory Sunday nap, and this morning I had a meeting and, blah blah busy day.

I wanted to let you all know — any of you local pianists tuning in — i’m holding an Advanced Piano Clinic on May 20th.  For current students, interested old pros, musicians looking to broaden their styles…details are HERE.  Do RSVP if you plan on coming cause there’s only so much space in the studio.

more next week!



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