July 16, 1967 Leonard Cohen appears @ the Newport Folk Festival.

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Leonard Cohen gets my vote as one of the best songwriters ever, and Hallelujah is  surely one of the most covered songs ever. I read somewhere that Leonard Cohen actually asked that singers stop covering this song.  Can you imagine?

The cover that made this song famous was Jeff Buckley’s version and in the movie SHREK  Rufus Wainright sang it really really good!! But when I heard my buddy Gavin Degraw sing this live, well, it was the best version I ever heard.

Well it’s monday night. Back in the city and it’s hot as hell. We’re eating iceys and watching the Yankees win. I am almost ready for bed and air conditioning.  Hallelujah!

Leonard, sorry to add myself to the list of singers covering it, but here it is!


One thought on “Hallelujah

  1. This song never cease to move me. I was transported when I heard Jeff Buckley perform it, impassioned when I watched Leonard Cohen’s 2009 performance (youtube) and now you have inspired me to pick up my guitar and finish learning this beautiful piece of work. Thank you, Skip.

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