Great Balls of Fire

September 29, 1935 Happy Birthday Jerry Lee Lewis!


Jerry Lee Lewis is not afraid to let his freak flag fly. This guy will hit, slap, stand on, and break more pianos than any other piano player I know. His disrespect for this instrument is so admirable.  I wish I had such abandon. Now I’m kinda loose and I can bang out a tune, but this guy just don’t give a shit!

I’m glad he’s not playing any of my instruments.

Well, if you’ve been following this blog you would’ve known how excited I was to just go to a party last night as a guest and how ridiculously excited I was about having endless SHRIMP at the cocktail hour. Guess what? NO SHRIMP! No COCKTAIL HOUR!

Great balls of fire!

I guess I sorta forgot that 16 year olds don’t have cocktail hours.  It was still a great party — off the hook — but I had my father-in-law all revved up about the shrimp thing too…

So, both of us were a little let down.

I am going to a gig now and one can only hope that they will have a shrimp buffet!

Stay tuned.

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