Perfect (original) and Goodbye (original)


Sorry I missed my original song a week last week!  (didja miss me?)  Life got in the way so this week I did 2 songs to catch up!!

Sometimes I wait for inspiration  to write a song but sometimes I need a reason to write.

The song PERFECT started off as an idea for my — at the time —  10 year old artist Elle Winter!  She needed a song that she could learn on piano so I came up with a simple piano part and gave it to Claudia who created the most beautiful melody and lyric! Just listened to Elle’s original recording and she sang it wonderfully!  She should re-record it in her “older” voice.  She’s become a really relaxed and sophisticated singer and I’m so proud of her.

Now the song GOODBYE came about when I wanted to wrote a pop melody using common tone modulation — if anyone wants to know what that is, it’s when you use the same melody note then change the key!

So I wrote the melody first then I had some lyrics that sucked so of course gave it over Claudia and she fixed a bunch and there it was!

Tomorrow we’re off to the beach and then Tuesday or Wednesday we’re heading to PA for some lake time!  Is it hot enough for ya?

more next week!  (ps – my piano clinic for Monday 7/22 is cancelled.  I will reschedule shortly!)



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