Get Off of My Cloud

November 10, 1965 #1 Billboard Pop Hit The Rolling Stones’ Get Off of My Cloud!


Claudia and I and Luca Tozzi took a drive out to Rockaway Beach to help out with sand removal at our friend Chris Tedesco‘s house. When we got there, other friends like David Ippolito and Elodie Pauwels and Bruce Gordon were all there. Jake Holmes had just left — they’d been shoveling all day.

We weren’t much help but we did bring coffee and donuts and cookies and showed some love and support. Pretty surreal how hard hit the rockaways got. They are still without power and the boardwalk was ripped in half.  Elodie took this picture.  Thanks for that!

So, for today in music I’ve got Get Off of My Cloud – another great Stones tune.

I studied voice with Don Lawrence who also was Mick Jagger’s voice teacher.

I know. Big deal.

But it’s good to pick up some tricks.  For example Mick likes to have a lot of bass and sub bass in his monitors and sure enough when I tried that it was easier to sing higher.  Go figure!

Get Off of My Cloud! (more tomorrow)

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