Get Back / I’ll Fly Away

May 5, 1969 the Beatles release Get Back.

is it spring yet?

When I’m arranging I can sit for hours playing a song until I hear or feel something – until something comes to mind.  I was playing Get Back this morning and it started to turn into a bluegrass feel.

And as I was playing, my fingers were on their own, and I realized, oh I learned that lick from the great jazz pianist Mitch Forman. I was at Manhattan School of Music  with him.  We referred to him as “Mitch the Bitch” because he was the fiercest player in the school.  He’s still amazing.  Check him out.

Then I started this multiple note gliss, a direct steal from Ian Finkel, xylophonist extraordinare — we refer to him as Mr. Finkel.  Ian arranged two shows we’d written for Holland America – Those were the Days (a girl group tribute) and The Five Tones (Boy Bands from the 20s to the 70s). I was contracted to write those shows by my dearest friend Sam Ellis who gave me pretty close to carte blanche in creating them.  Thanks, Sam.  That was a ton of fun and I’ll do anything for you anytime.

So back to my bluegrass arrangement  – as I’m playing Get Back in A it reminded me of my bluegrass gigs and I started playing I’ll Fly Away.  So, the songs themselves have no connection except in my bluegrass brain.

here it is.


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