Garden Party

May 8, 1940 Happy Birthday Ricky Nelson!

Well today was backyard day at the Brevis’s. Dylan and I assembled our new birdbath fountain and cleared out an old pond back there so we could to put in our new tree and fountain.  But then it started to rain, so we have to finish tomorrow.

We wanted to do a garden party for Ricky Nelson’s birthday so we waited for the rain to subside and I tried to sing it outside but it started raining on my portable keyboard and then it got too dark so we brought the party inside.

Claudia & I plan to spend a lot of time in the backyard this summer.  Last summer we were busy with our show Winner Take All @ the Fringe Festival and we never got out there at all.  When it gets really hot, we bring out the baby pool, fill it and make it our foot pool.  Sometimes I put the little patio table in the pool. We sit around it and have dinner with our feet in the pool. It reminds me of those bars in the pools in the islands. I will post pictures of our magical backyard in a few days when we’re finished getting it ready for the summer.

Garden Party!

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