Full of Grace

January 28, 1968 Happy Birthday Sarah McLachlan!

day 296

Oh, this song! Full of Grace was the closing song /scene from Season 2 Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a show that Casey and Dylan and my niece Heather and I watched it religiously!

We took a trip to Lancaster, PA right after that season finale and had the 3 of them in the backseat of the van and i think their cousin Ryan was with us too. So for the entire ride the 4 of them sang this song over and over and over, reminiscing about Buffy riding off into the distance on a bus (was that spoiler?  sorry)!

It was cute at first but then it annoyed me and the more it annoyed me the more they sang it. So that whole weekend vacation was this song. It’s actually a beautiful song and Sarah McLachlan sings it with such emotion.  It was fun to bring it back.

And when the kids get together to this day (ok, I guess they’re adults now) Full of Grace is still in their repertoire and there’s a good chance they’ll sing it!

Happy Birthday SM!  You are the soundtrack of my kids’ childhood!!  Hope you’re having a great one.


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