For What It’s Worth

May 6, 1997 Buffalo Springfield inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

For What It’s Worth has sort of been an anthem for the Vietnam war — although Stephen Stills had the sunset strip riots in mind when he wrote it.  But when you hear that intro how can you not envision low flying military helicopters and troops traipsing through the jungle a la Forrest Gump (one of my top 5 fav movies of all time)?

In my high school days (Nazareth HS in Brooklyn) we had dances on Friday nights and this was a big number with the local bands.  I remember Kevin Davitt (my high school buddy) had a popular band (what was the name of that band? damn)  and I remember him singing this. (the girls loved him)  Listening to it now, I wonder how we danced to this song.  Slow?  Fast? I’m not sure, and now, for what it’s worth (get it?) I don’t remember dancing at all at these dances. (What the hell were we doing?)

I love the the vocals on the Buffalo Springfield track.  They’re mixed so high and the harmonies are so tight.  Stephen Stills, Neil Young, Jim Messina, Richie Furay.  No damn wonder the harmonies are so great.

This kind of singing and up front harmony is what I’m going for in my new album Willie & the Swagga.  I’ll be in the studio to finish up the second tune next week.  Should be fun.

stop hey what’s that sound


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