November 13, 1965 The McCoys’ Fever is released.


FEVER has always been the female vocalist (chick singer) sexy tune in their set list. Allison Williams Foster performs the hell out of it and this is the audition song that got her most of her Broadway shows.

I sort of see it as a blues, but I see everything as a blues.

I’ve enjoyed having 2 holidays in a row even though I have no idea why today was a holiday (oh, my son informs me it was Diwali today) but alternate sides were cancelled so I celebrated by not having to move the car.  It’s wild that I have been moving the car from side to side for almost 40 years.  That’s crazy. Now I don’t really mind doing this cause this is where I studied music. In the old days you would have to wait 3 hours in the car for the street cleaner to come by.  Now it’s an hour and 1/2. Not too bad.

But I do appreciate when we go the Poconos and I park in my own driveway.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. No alternate sides so I’m still good.

You see what heavy things are weighing on my head.

Here’s Fever!

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