Feel Like Making Love

February 12, 1935 Happy Birthday Gene McDaniels!

day 311

I met Gene McDaniels a couple of times at the Red Lion.  He came down to the Songwriters Circle and is a friend of Ann Ruckert.  If I would have known he was coming I would have memorized the words to Feel Like Making Love, which he wrote, so both times that he came I just gave him a big shout out and sang the chorus, because that’s all I could remember! Well today I sang most of the lyrics.

I  love the version D’Angelo does of this song!

Having a busy music day writing and recording but now we got to leave early for the Red Lion cause I have to buy another freakin tambourine. I keep losing them. Sometimes the audience will grab a tambourine in fun and it never gets back to the stage. Sometimes I am just so ready to get home after a gig that i don’t checklist if everything got into the car!

Well, tambourines are very important. Just the sound of the word evokes fun, happy, throwdown, gospel, fiery, gypsies dancing, native american war dance,disco, energy, motown, madness ect ect ect!

So we’re off to get a tambourine and then to the Red Lion for the Stingers!

Happy Birthday GM!  And Happy Mardi Gras!

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