Every Breath You Take

June 4, 1983, The Police started a four week run at No.1 in the UK with Every Breath You Take the group’s fifth and final No.1 single. (via thisdayinmusic.com)

I truly admire Sting.  He’s always learning and changing. He writes grown up lyrics and sings high. I met Sting in a green room once.  It was for a fundraiser.  I can’t remember who I was playing for but I remember it was a hell of a green room – Sting, Robin Williams, James Earl Jones (Darth Vader), John Travolta. Pretty impressive line up, except when Bill and Hillary Clinton walked in the room.  They won! They sucked up all the energy in the room, or created it — I don’t know — but they definitely got the most attention as superstars!

I loved when Sting played with all the jazz guys – Branford Marsalis and my friend Kenny Kirkland. We’ll be Together Again is my favorite from that album. Claudia loves the Mercury Falling album.

And my top Sting song is Fields of Gold.  I also love Eva Cassidy’s version of that tune.

I’d like to play with Sting someday.  Ya never know.

I’ll be watching you.




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