Ease On Down The Road

January 5, 1975 The Wiz premieres at the Majestic Theatre on Broadway!

day 273

I had so many friends in the Wiz. Carl Hall was the wizard, Allison Williams was the eye of the tornado, Peggi Blu was Glinda. This was a show with a bunch of singing fools and I know they had a ball doing it!

I’ve relinquished my recording studio to my son Casey who’s recording some of his original songs, so Claudia and I are in the other room watching TV!

I love hearing Casey singing his face off in the other room.

We both went to Marlon Saunders‘ Singfest (best Vocal coach ever) Marlon had 25 of his vocal students doing vocal improv in a circle for 2 straight hours! Pretty great!

Then we had to go pick up 6 live lobsters for tomorrow’s dinner.  Casey objected. Dylan insisted. Dylan won.  It’s lobster tomorrow!

Very sweet having both boys in the back seat of the car fighting like when they were little!



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