Drown On Dry Land (original)

Drown On Dry Land  (lyrics by Claudia Brevis music by Skip Brevis, 2011)

week three

I asked Claudia to write me a lyric a couple of years ago when I was feeling a little depressed.

We were in the Poconos and I was trying to write something myself because when you’re feeling down you’re supposed to be inspired.  It works for everyone else, but nope I was blank, had nothing, lethargic, so Claudia — who is my muse — wrote this for me.  The lyric came first  and i think it took me 15 minutes to put her words to music and then another 15 minutes for me to be in the best mood ever!

You want to talk bipolar?  hello.  But that’s the way it is. Everyday both of us wake up to write and somedays it’s easy and some days it’s like pulling teeth, but when it works nothing feels better!

This song was slated to be on the upcoming Willie  & the Swagga album but I decided to wait on this one cause I want a full choir and orchestra and that’s a little beyond the scope of what I’m doing with my Willie album….so, it’ll be on the next one!

Drown on Dry Land!  (more next week)

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