Down to My Last Teardrop

October 10 1958 Happy Birthday Tanya Tucker!

w/ jen

Thrilled to have Jen Houston over tonight to sing Down to My Last Teardrop in honor of Tanya Tucker’s birthday.  Jen’s a great singer, a good friend and a killer baker. She has this cookie company called This Chick Bakes and her creations are unreal.  Besides the unbelievable birthday cakes she’s made for me, Jen once made me and Claudia an anniversary strawberry shortcake that you would not believe. Amazing.

I loved hearing her sing country tonight and will totally have her come do some more tunes with me in the future!  Thanks, Jen, for coming over.

Well, the Yankees just came from behind and won the 3rd game of the playoffs so tonight is a really good night!

We filmed the video for Elle Winter and Sam Tsui today. It’s really great watching Sam produce and direct and sing and play piano. These young talented guys amaze me!

All right!  Go Yankees!

Go Jen Houston!

Go Sam Tsui!

Happy Birthday Tanya Tucker!!


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