Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright



May 24, 1941 Happy Birthday Bob Dylan!

I wanted to do All Along the Watchtower today but I just couldn’t make it translate to the piano. I have Jimi Hendrix’s version in my brain. I always wanted to be the Hendrix of the keyboard but could never play loud enough! 😉

Bob Dylan’s songs, to me, always sound better on another artist  – for example Hendrix.

I’m sitting at my 6 ft grand Kawai piano.  I remember my Dad taking out a loan for it thirty years ago. It was 6 thousand dollars, which might as well have been a million.  I can’t remember now if I ever finished paying off my Dad for it.

My Dad, Harold, used to drive me to gigs when I was 15 years old. He would wait outside until I was finished then help me pack up and drive me home.  It didn’t matter how late it was or if he had to work in the morning.

I learned how to be a father from Harold.  Now I wait outside clubs for Dylan (my son, not Bob) to finish his gigs and I drive him home, maybe grab a slice a pizza from Italian Village (our favorite pizza place-open till 3 a.m.) Same thing with Casey.  We’ll pick him up at the airport whatever time he gets in, and we always try to have Italian Village pizza or a calzone with us in the car for him.

Claudia and I have supported our kids in whatever they wanted to do and I love to encourage kids to find their interest and go after it.  I have some young students now — kids —  and instead of teaching them stuff I sort of teach them HOW to learn stuff.

Anyway, Don’t Think Twice is in my top five Bob Dylan songs.  I’m sure before this yearlong blog is done I will have hit them all.

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