February 1, 1969: Tommy Roe’s Dizzy enters the pop charts!


What’s interesting to me in this song, Dizzy, is that it keeps changing keys –  probably to make the listener dizzy. I know the first time I heard this it was a little unsettling, but pretty smart songwriting.

Also, I’m a little dizzy cause Claudia and I fasted today.

It’s amazing how much you can get done when you’re not thinking about what to eat, preparing to eat, digesting what you ate, thinking you ate too much or not enough and if that’s the case what else is there to eat? What’s for dessert. Where’s my snack? Ooh I’d like some chocolate. Where are the tums? Where are we going for dinner? Let’s order in. Do you got cash for a tip? Shit, I forgot to tell them credit card, got to run out to the ATM. I should have just picked up the food. Oh, my show’s on. Where’s my snack?

Time for bed!



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