July 15, 1946 Happy Birthday Linda Ronstadt!


Today was another day at the lake house. I’ve got my brother-in-law over with his three beautiful kids and since I forgot my music stand which is always in the background of my videos my niece agreed to be my music stand. Watch her in today’s video! Great job!

So we swam and then the kids picked blueberries.  They filled up three cans, brought them home and Claudia made her famous blueberry slump.  The slump-making is a ritual since my kids were young cause we always went blueberry picking!

Then we went to family movie – Ice Age in 3D!  I hate to commit to using those glasses for a whole movie just for one or two good effccts but thats how  they roll now. I looked over at Claudia and she was snoozing behind her glasses.  I don’t know how she could sleep through such a riveting movie.

I used to do my own show back in the Sweetwater days (the 80’s) and Desperado was in my set. I actually got a nice review in the New York Post back then by critic Curt Davis how this was a perfect song for me. After that, Curt Davis and I started writing songs together. I’m not sure where those songs are. Probably in one of my many drawers on cassette tapes (remember them?)

Curt passed away sometime in the late 80’s but I was always grateful for his kind words about me singing Desperado.

Happy Birthday Linda Ronstadt!  Loved you in Pirates of Penzance at the Uris Theater where I met my wife!  Hope you’re having a great day wherever you are!

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  1. I always love Linda Ronstadt! We just were on the Calgary Stampede which broughback good memories and we even talked about Linda Rondstadt…great voice indeed..loved your little girl in the background as well, so precious!!

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