Day Tripper

January 3, 1966: The Beatles appear on NBC’s Hullabaloo! in a taped performance of Day Tripper and We Can Work It Out. (via

day 271

It seems that every day in the 60’s the Beatles were either recording or performing somewhere. Didn’t they ever nap?

Day Tripper and We Can Work it Out are definitely 2 of the funkiest songs the Beatles got.

Day Tripper, which I did today, is actually a blues. It has a couple different chords but it’s still a blues!

Well, we’re heading out to the airport in a few to pick up Casey.  He’s flying in from San Fran, just to spend some family time! Will be recording him singing a bunch of stuff while his mother will be stuffing him with delicious food and drowning him with hugs. Hope he’s ready!


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