Dancing in the Street

July 18, 1941 Happy Birthday Martha Reeves!


Dancing in the Street is one of those great songs I’ve used in many different ways for years.  It’s always a winner!  

In Showdown, the show we have running in its fourth year on the high seas, Dancing in the Street is our big opening number!

When the Stingers began at LOLA, which was a small venue, the band played against one wall and the other wall was full of long booths so most of the audience was on the sides.  My five singers would do a conga line to Dancing in the Street and we’d get about forty people on the line and take it right out into the street.

The doors would stay open and the Stingers would do what they do best —  create a rocking party! All was good until the neighbors called the police and from then on we had to shut the doors and keep the party inside!

Martha Reeves has such a unique and fabulous voice.  Dancing in the Street is one of her big hits, but everything she recorded was pretty great!

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