January 10, 1927 Happy Birthday Johnnie Ray!

day 278

We’re in the country tonight so I’ve only got a minute (gotta get back to tending that fire!)

I worked with Johnnie Ray, musical directing his NYC show not long before he passed away — in fact it might have been his last gig.  Can’t remember the name of the club. It was on 28th street and had tapas.  Somewhere around 1989 or 1990.  Ring a bell?  Anyway, all I remember of that gig is that the first night of the run I had over 103 fever and my doc told me not to go, but that was not an option.  I had Norman Gold on 2nd keyboard.

Ok.  Happy birthday JR!  And now, I must go play with the fire and my wife.

Here’s CRY! (I pre-recorded a few videos this morning at home to get me through the weekend in PA where the internet is not always up to speed!)

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