Crack the Nut (original)

dingmans ferry, pa

Claudia wrote Crack the Nut back in the 80’s and I recorded a demo with her before we were even married I think. We spent the week in the Poconos and in the closet Claudia has boxes of of all her old songs and journals and I had been thinking of this song for a while and thought it would be a good New Orleans Piano jam, so we found the old demo which had a calypso groove.  Then I went back and listened to old Professor Longhair songs like Tipitina and Big Chief and put that New Orleans flavor on Crack the Nut!

I’ll be playing this song in every Willie & the Swagga performance.  The problem with this style of piano playing is that you need 88 keys or a real piano — it doesn’t read so well on the portable keyboards. But i will make a jam out it nonetheless.

We’re back in the city.  Already missing our week in the country.  A week that saw us buy 4 rocking chairs, white christmas lights for our screened in porch, a new deadbolt and a few screen repair kits.  Yes, I repaired screens, thank you very much!  We also swam in our lake, visited a couple of waterfalls, went to a rodeo, ate pizza a few times, went to our favorite restaurant (the one with the 70’s decor that depresses Casey so we never go there with him), picked blueberries, took walks, danced, read, wrote, practiced, napped and rocked in our new chairs.

business as usual tomorrow but we’ll be back in Pennsylvania just as soon as we can.

more next week!

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