Close to You

July 25, 1970, The Carpenters started a four week run at No.1 with Close to You!

day 110

Karen Carpenter had the perfect pop voice for that period of music, and Burt Bacharach and Hal David were the perfect pop songwriters for their time as were Irving Berlin and Gershwin in their time.  When we look back in thirty years, who will we say defined this period of music?

I get that some people don’t like country music or rap or jazz, but damn, I love it all. Everyday I wake up and listen to something different. Yesterday I listened to be-bop in the morning and Disney pop songs all afternoon. This morning I put on some old Sly and the Family Stone singing Que Sera Sera — an old Doris Day song sung in a gospel version, and I’m on my way to the Red Lion to sing from 7-10pm.

I can probably fit in about 40 songs tonite. Once again I have my son Dylan playing bass. We’re going early to celebrate my mother-in law Juliette’s birthday. We were going to take her out to a fancy restaurant but she’s ok hanging out in an Irish bar watching her grandson play bass. She’s cool like that.  My father-in-law, too.

Well, back to Karen Carpenter – nice voice, sad ending. She sounds so good on Close to You.

Wow, I just looked at myself in this picture and thought OMG I’m turning into my dad!  Ha!



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