Choo Choo Ch’Boogie

February 4, 1975:  jazz, blues, songwriter, bandleader & saxophonist Louis Jordan dies!

day 303

Louis Jordan was a swinging son of a gun. And he had a little crazy in his swing. I like a little crazy to tell you the truth. Most horn players are a little nuts what with all that blowing and licking their reeds and playing so fast cause they think it’s the last song they’ll ever play and they got to get every note they ever learned in one freakin song!

Today was study YouTube day for me.  I found these lectures from Leonard Bernstein at Harvard on music and poetry and I actually understood what he was talking about. This old dog is trying to learn a new trick!

I also learned a couple of blues licks on the guitar. You see there’s no need to go outside the house to study anymore. YouTube has so much information and you don’t have to be pressured to understand what’s being taught in front of bunch of other students. I could never concentrate in school and it’s a shame cause I studied with some brilliant teachers.

I don’t think i’ll study saxophone.  Well, who knows.  Maybe I will.

Nice song LJ!

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