Chapel of Love

June 6, 1964 The Dixie Cups’ Chapel of Love hits #1!

chapel of love

I have used this song in so many shows but the one that sticks out for me is Those Were The Days, a show Sam Ellis and Doug Gray produced for Holland America. We had all these girls come out in veils and Jennifer Houston sang lead.

Jen & I have always kept in touch. She’s a great singer/songwriter and she also has an amazing cookie company This Chick Bakes.  She caters all the desserts for our parties. She made me and Claudia a towering strawberry shortcake for our anniversary last year.

Our anniversary is coming up on June 24th!  28 years since we went to the Chapel of Love.  We actually drove by the chuch we got married in yesterday (Sacred Heart in Dobbs Ferry).

I remember we had a string quartet and I had to ask them to play an extra half hour because Claudia forgot the marriage license. Mike, my father-in law, ran home in the limo to get it. It all worked out.

It poured later on for the reception but we were indoors and had big buses for everyone back to the city so they didn’t have to drive.

It was a perfect day.


3 thoughts on “Chapel of Love

  1. A lovely memory. I wish more people would realize that when something doesn’t go the way you planned, like forgetting the license, these are the things that create memories and stories for a lifetime. It can’t and won’t change a perfect day.

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