Change My Way (original)

Change My Way (words and music Skip Brevis, 2013)

week one

Well, my year of cover songs is over and today begins my year of one original song every week!

Change My Way is a new song.  I was reading some great redemption stories and wrote a series of songs based on those stories.  Change My Way was the first.

So, what have I been up to this week without blogging daily?

I am musical directing the Hello Dolly tour, not that I am touring – I will just teach it in New York. I’m approaching the Jerry Herman score like it’s an old ragtime piano piece and I’ve been having a blast listening and practicing lots of Scott Joplin and Fats Waller.

My mom and sister are coming to town Tuesday and we’ll have a little get together at the Red Lion at the Stingers gig!  Come on down (4/16 10pm) and say hi to my mom!  We’re celebrating her 90th birthday next weekend and getting an early start!

So, here’s Change My Way!  Hope you like it.  More next week!


6 thoughts on “Change My Way (original)

  1. Congratulations on a great start to your new challenge. I will look forward to a new song each week. Happy Birthday to your Mom. We were up from DC to see Leonard Cohen on 4-8. Great show! Next time we hope to catch your show. Thanx for all the good music!

  2. Hey skip!! It’s Nora. I am trying to find Debbie!! Do you have a number or email for her? How the hell are you. You look good in your picture!! Are you still the picture of health?? Please email me and let me know how, if you know, to contact Debbie???!!

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