Chain of Fools

March 25, 1942 Happy Birthday Aretha Franklin!

day 352

There isn’t anything I can say about Aretha Franklin that hasn’t been said before, so I will just wish the Queen of Soul the happiest of birthdays and bow down to her!  So much material to choose from, and I picked her Chain of Fools to commemorate the day.

When Casey graduated Yale, Ms. Franklin received an honorary degree and we were lucky to be there and see it.  Have a picture someplace, but finding that probably won’t happen.  It was a beautiful weekend – President Clinton speaking, Aretha Franklin accepting her degree, and my son graduating!

ok, i’m in the middle of gigs here.  Just finished Red Lion and have run over to the Groove with the Stingers.  gotta get going.  Our set is starting any second.

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