November 5, 1941 Happy Birthday Art Garfunkel!

juliet in the backyard

I might see Art Garfunkel tonight.  He is usually at this event, the Autumn Ball for Lenox Hill Hospital that I’m at tonight with my Stingers. We have Cindy Lauper on the bill tonight. Her voice is so unique and soulful. I love her and I love Elaine Caswell who is singing backup for her.  She’s a good friend and an amazing singer. She sang all over Claudia and my songs for the Willie & the Swagga project. Looking forward to hanging with her tonight. Also, Elle Winter is coming and she will be on the red carpet event prior to the gig. All in all pretty exciting!

On a sadder note, Juliet our Hedgehog (yes, i said hedgehog) died this morning.  She was a cute little hedgehog with a cute face and this pointy snout. Actually, she was Casey’s hedgehog but he left her with us since he’s travelling the world with Chanticleer.

Oh well. We are going to bury her in the backyard and have a traditional hedgehog burial service that I will make up as I dig a hole!

Happy Birthday AG!  Maybe I’ll catch you later!



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