The Rain Does Pour (original)

a rock opera

A couple of years ago we brought our rock opera Winner Take All to FringeNYC and had a ball doing it.  The show itself though had begun twenty years earlier in the west side club Sweetwater’s, but after about six weeks there, it lay pretty well dormant until a couple of readings and then the Fringe in 2011.

This song, The Rain Does Pour (Brevis & Brevis, a long time ago) is from Winner Take All (A Rock Opera).    Here’s the setup:  Ricky, a rock and roll guitar player and one half of a star crossed young couple, is killed and goes to Rock and Roll Heaven.  While he’s off having a crazy time with a couple of dancing angels and some hotsy totsy devilettes, his girlfriend Casey is back on earth, feeling guilty for his death and, alone in her room she sings about him.

Check out the website and if you’re interested in seeing more of this show or reading a script or hearing the music or are interested in opening your theater to it, I’ll put you in touch with our agent at Paradigm.

more next week…..

Lovin’ You

April 5, 1975 Minnie Ripperton’s Lovin’ You hits #1!

day 363

Happy Birthday to my brother in law, Pete!

Minnie Ripperton sang so pretty and so high there was no way I could try to sing Lovin’ You the way she did and hit the notes she did.

I heard quite a bit of high notes today, auditioning about 50 sopranos for the Hello Dolly tour. My ears are still ringing from the heights.

On the other hand, its great to see so many talented women coming out and dressing to the nines for a 16 bar audition!  And now they’ll come back 3 more times for dance, call backs and  final callbacks.  Pros, every one of them.

Stingers are gigging up in the Bronx Botanical Gardens tomorrow night.  It should be a beautiful night for a wedding and I’m looking forward to it.  I love the Botanical Gardens and when we’re there I like to walk around and take in the sights.

How do you like my red jacket?  So far, during these past 363 days I’ve worn a different shirt in each video.  Yep.  Well today I decided to wear a jacket that’s hanging in our costume closet.  The multi-talented Jason Bowen wore it in our readings of Winner Take All before we brought the show to the Fringe Festival.  It was the Devil’s jacket.  I didn’t feel evil wearing it, though, just kind of red.

more tomorrow!

You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling

August 10, 1940 Happy Birthday Bobby Hatfield (Righteous Brothers)!


Somehow, You’ve Lost That Lovin Feeling just doesn’t sound right with only one voice.  I sang my part, so if any of you want to jump in, have at it!

The Stingers have been around for a long time. Different great singers have been in my roster over the years, but in the day George Morton (who passed away a few years ago) and Ty Stephens (who is in Monte Carlo now but coming back soon) would sing this song together with great choreography they made up on the spot.

Sometimes in singing or in dancing there come along 2 people who are so in sync with each other it’s magical.

George and Ty HAD IT!  They were mesmerizing together.  We couldn’t lose.  The Stingers also had that same magic with Valarie Pettiford (TV & Movie Star extraordinaire) and Allison Williams Foster (Broadway Diva). These 2 – when they got together —  would pull out some Bob Fosse moves and slay all the men in the audience (and some women too)!  These four were so fierce together we cast them in the original circa 1990 version of our rock opera Winner Take All at Sweetwaters.

Well, You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling was George and Ty’s big number and I can’t sing it without thinking of them!