The Way It Is

April 1, 1986 Bruce Hornsby and the Range release the album The Way It Is!

day 359

I love me some Bruce Hornsby!  I loved him playing with the Grateful Dead, and with Bela Fleck combining a bluegrass and jazz vibe.  

The Way It Is was his hit with his own band – actually this album went multi-platinum.  And another great Bruce Hornsby tune I love is End of the Innocence with Don Henley.

Had a busy theatrical day starting with Hello Dolly auditions this morning and moving into Martin Before the Dream auditions in the afternoon and then a writing session and then back to Willie & the Swagga tonight.

And now I’m exhausted and have to watch some television and go to bed!

more tomorrow, but not for so many more tomorrows.  this is my last week of this project!

The Way It Is!

Hello Dolly

March 29, 1918 Happy Birthday Pearl Bailey!

day 356

Pearl Bailey was a Broadway Dolly, in fact she won a TONY for the production in 1968,  and I’m studying the show cause I’m working on a production with the fabulous Jeff Moss that will be going out on the road this fall.  I’ll let you know more about it as we get closer, but i thought it was pretty cool to be able to say Happy Birthday Pearl Bailey and sing Hello Dolly in her honor!

Been recording all week and working on some projects near and dear to my heart and with some interesting and very talented people.   Today was another full day of singing and recording and I’ve just come up for air to post today’s blog!

more tomorrow.  I’m in the home stretch here.  My blog ends very soon.  I think I have 9 or 10 days left.  Will have to do a special wrap-up edition!  It’s been a fun year.

Stand By Me

March 13, 1933 Happy Birthday Mike Stoller!

day 340

My good friend Adrian Bailey sang Stand By Me in Smokey Joe’s Cafe, a Leiber and Stoller musical, on Broadway. He sang this song every night.

It’s amazing what happens when you take a great singer and give him a great song and let him sing it 8 shows a week for years.  Every time I heard him sing Stand By Me it was even better! And when a singer gets so good on one song it carries over to every other song.

Moral of the story. Learn the hell out of one song!

Mike Stoller has so many hits it was hard to choose just one for his birthday, but this is one of my favorites.


Beyond the Sea

January 17, 1990 Bobby Darin was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

day 285

Beyond The Sea is one swinging tune.  Sometimes a melody alone swings so hard you don’t need accompaniment but the big band on this track is burning hot!

Today was a busy and creative day!  I had a meeting with Charles Strouse, Jeff Moss, and Leslie Lee about the show Martin which we will open in Philly in April!

Then Claudia and I went and saw a reading of Jake Holmes’ and David Buskin’s great new musical “Class of 68” with Alison Fraser (my favorite actress) in it. The whole cast and band were A+!

And tonight my friend, singer Jen Houston came over to record a new original dance track for a new independent film!

A good full day of music!

And here’s a little swing – Beyond The Sea!

Ease On Down The Road

January 5, 1975 The Wiz premieres at the Majestic Theatre on Broadway!

day 273

I had so many friends in the Wiz. Carl Hall was the wizard, Allison Williams was the eye of the tornado, Peggi Blu was Glinda. This was a show with a bunch of singing fools and I know they had a ball doing it!

I’ve relinquished my recording studio to my son Casey who’s recording some of his original songs, so Claudia and I are in the other room watching TV!

I love hearing Casey singing his face off in the other room.

We both went to Marlon Saunders‘ Singfest (best Vocal coach ever) Marlon had 25 of his vocal students doing vocal improv in a circle for 2 straight hours! Pretty great!

Then we had to go pick up 6 live lobsters for tomorrow’s dinner.  Casey objected. Dylan insisted. Dylan won.  It’s lobster tomorrow!

Very sweet having both boys in the back seat of the car fighting like when they were little!