March 20, 1959: Teen idol Bobby Rydell makes his first television appearance on American Bandstand.

day 347

Just so happened to play Volare with Bobby last week. What a great guy.  He was being honored by the Kidney Foundation in Philly and sang Volare and Mack the Knife.  GREAT! (thanks to my sax player Thomas Hutchings for the photo, I swiped it from his facebook album of the event)

All right.  1st day of spring and i don’t feel it yet. I was still wearing gloves and a scarf today. I’m ready for warm weather. I had C.E. Smith over to record today. He was hitting notes that shook Claudia’s depression glass in our Larkin credenza. (my wife collects old things) edit: it’s not a credenza apparently.  it’s a glass front something or other.

C.E. really is a tremendous singer! Can’t wait to post the tunes when I’m done with them!

So, here’s Volare and I’ll be back with more tomorrow.


Full of Grace

January 28, 1968 Happy Birthday Sarah McLachlan!

day 296

Oh, this song! Full of Grace was the closing song /scene from Season 2 Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a show that Casey and Dylan and my niece Heather and I watched it religiously!

We took a trip to Lancaster, PA right after that season finale and had the 3 of them in the backseat of the van and i think their cousin Ryan was with us too. So for the entire ride the 4 of them sang this song over and over and over, reminiscing about Buffy riding off into the distance on a bus (was that spoiler?  sorry)!

It was cute at first but then it annoyed me and the more it annoyed me the more they sang it. So that whole weekend vacation was this song. It’s actually a beautiful song and Sarah McLachlan sings it with such emotion.  It was fun to bring it back.

And when the kids get together to this day (ok, I guess they’re adults now) Full of Grace is still in their repertoire and there’s a good chance they’ll sing it!

Happy Birthday SM!  You are the soundtrack of my kids’ childhood!!  Hope you’re having a great one.


Day Tripper

January 3, 1966: The Beatles appear on NBC’s Hullabaloo! in a taped performance of Day Tripper and We Can Work It Out. (via

day 271

It seems that every day in the 60’s the Beatles were either recording or performing somewhere. Didn’t they ever nap?

Day Tripper and We Can Work it Out are definitely 2 of the funkiest songs the Beatles got.

Day Tripper, which I did today, is actually a blues. It has a couple different chords but it’s still a blues!

Well, we’re heading out to the airport in a few to pick up Casey.  He’s flying in from San Fran, just to spend some family time! Will be recording him singing a bunch of stuff while his mother will be stuffing him with delicious food and drowning him with hugs. Hope he’s ready!


Brown Eyed Girl

November 11, 1967 Van Morrison appears on American Bandstand and performs Brown Eyed Girl.

day 218

Brown Eyed Girl is real crowd pleaser.  The whole bar loves to sing the sha-la-la-la part.

Van Morrison has always been one of my favorite singer/songwriters and he is the model for so many bands.  Take for example The Script or Mumford and Sons.  THey have dude songs that girls love.

I always picture Van Morrison writing his songs in the pub. I can smell the beer when I hear his songs.  Or maybe it’s because I’ve been in so many damn bars listening to his songs. Well, either way you get the picture.

A nice Sunday at home watching the New York teams get crushed (oh well).

Now Claudia and I are going to watch Walking Dead. Our favorite show!

Get the popcorn going!




Mean to Me

October 7, 1950: CBS debuts The Frank Sinatra Show, a variety program!  (via

john malino

I had fun going out tonight with Claudia, Dylan and my niece Heather.  We went to a little jazz club, The Turning Point, in Piermont NY for my buddy John Malino‘s CD release party and performance.  I had played a song on the record so I played that song tonight with the band, sitting in on Mean to Me, a good old standard that Frank Sinatra sang and recorded. I also like Ella Fitzgerald’s version.

So tonight my video was live, sitting in with the John Malino Band. Lots of fun!

I was a little worried I would miss the playoff game between the Yankees and the Orioles but it was rain delayed so got home just in time for first pitch. GO YANKEES!

Tomorrow we will record Elle Winter and Sam Tsui doing a mashup for a new YouTube video!  So keep a lookout for that.

Here’s Mean to Me!